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Welcome to the old Epping Boys High School Parent Portal.

The New Parent Portal is now Live

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The new parent portal was released term 2 2015. If you are still using the old parent portal it is important that you move across to the new portal account. The old parent portal will no longer be updated. A letter has been sent to you from the school with your new portal account details. Please remind your son/s to give you the letter. If you have not received it by Friday 5th June 2015 please contact the school.

  • A parent portal is a valuable tool for the school in providing information to parents that specifically relates to your son/s.
  • The new parent portal will provide the following information.
  • Parents will only see information that relates to the whole school and specific information your son/s.
  • Parents will log in through a secure login and password.
  • As with the previous portal parents will share the same account for accessing the portal.
  • Parents will be able to view the following information.
  • Your son/s timetable/s
  • Your son/s attendance - whole day attendance - Parents have the ability to provide explanations for absence. This is not automatically accepted and is reviewed by the person checking attendance. A parent may provide an explanation for non-attendance. For the reason to be accepted it must comply with the departments attendance policy.
  • Your son/s NAPLAN results
  • Your son/s school reports
  • School Newsletters
  • A link to the school library catalogue
  • We can send notices to specific years and even specific students which will be viewable by parents
  • We can provide documents - currently the documents that have been loaded are:
        - Technology Acceptable use policy
        - EBHS BYOD student agreement
        - We will further add all of our assessment schedules here 
        - BYOD Hardware and software specifications
        - Sport Selection Details

The calendar of school events is something we are working on. Because we are currently working from the calendar developed in the old software parents may not be able to access this through the new portal. We are working on a solution to this. Next year of course we will move across to the new Sentral Webcal and parents will have access to it.

For your information you son/s currently have access to a student portal. Below is a list of the things that students have access to through this portal.

  • NAPLAN results
  • School Reports
  • Whole Day attendance
  • Documents - All technology documents are currently available
  • Newsletters
  • Their school timetable
  • They have links to Google BOSNSW the school library catalogue